This is our story: how we’re making 6 digits as a 17-year-old and a 23-year-old, authenticating items for strangers

And my attempt at making a how-to guide

Even if you want to grow larger, the same concepts apply

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  • Post daily
  • Share stories
  • Network all the time
  • Be consistent
  • Engage with your audience

And when the world is in danger, you might be the one who could save it.

  1. An idea I’ve discussed the previous day verbally
  2. Expand on something I’ve read
  3. Expand on something I’ve written
  4. I’d come up with something on the spot
  1. It was my “internship” into writing. ~200,000 words equate to…

“Hey, can you help us? But for free since, you know, we’re friends!”

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  • a skill that others are willing to pay for
  • expertise in a certain field
  • an opinion that others want to listen to

First of all, let’s talk about Sundays…

I’m proposing this: dedicate every Sunday to working for others.

  • AI
  • ML
  • AR
  • VR
  • You get the idea

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Founded and Writing, designing. Can brag about +2m users if I have to. See all:

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